How to use letsARgo

First time using letsARgo?

The first time you launch letsARgo, the app will download some essential files to keep everything running smoothly. Please wait a moment or two, as it shouldn’t take long.

Please give permission for the app to access the camera and storage when prompted. If not, you will see an access popup. If you do, please follow the instructions to grant access in settings.

Stuck on a Hunt click


Available trails

When you launch the app, you’ll be greeted by the trail screen. Every trail you can enjoy is here, with more being added all the time! Tap any trail for more information.

Tap ‘enter trail code’ if you’ve got a special code to unlock a hidden trail.

Choosing an immersive trail

Find out everything you need to know about the trail – more information, the trail’s location, estimated time to walk it and more. The first time you access the trail, you will need to download the experience. 

To save on data, why not download your trails when you have a wifi connection?

Continuing or restarting a trail

If you’ve been on the trail before, you can choose to start where you left off, or start totally fresh.

The trail experience

The map shows you where to find the exciting immersive experiences on the trail. Tap a trail point for location information and maybe a fun fact. When you’re close to a trail point, the icon will change or grow to let you know. Tap the icon to place the AR experience.

Exit the trail using , centre the map on your position with or centre on the trail with . Change map mode with – you can view it in map or satellite mode.

Points of interest

Look out for extra markers on the map – they show you where useful or interesting places are. They include cafés and restaurants, museums, public toilets and more. Tap the icons for more information.

Placing augmented reality assets

You can place the experience on any flat surface nearby. It works best in well-lit areas.

  1. Move the device around while pointing the camera down to find the ground.
  2. When prompted, tap the screen to launch.

Re-place the AR experience using and return to the map using .

Share on social media

Tap once to take a photo, or hold to record a 10-second clip. Images and videos are stored to your camera roll.

Remember to share with #letsARgo. We’ll share some of our favourites on @letsARgo.


Some letsARgo trails include special trophies. You’ll know you’ve won one when you hear and see the trophy notification.

You can find your trophies on the tab from the home screen. Tap any trophy image to view it or launch it in augmented reality.

Steps, calories and distance tracker

Every step counts! Tap the icon to check your steps, calories burned and distance walked while on letsARgo trails. See if you can beat your friends to 10,000, 20,000 or 30,000 steps and beyond!

*letsARgo steps, calories and distance tracking uses your phone’s sensors. Calorie burn is approximated based on average burn per number of steps. letsARgo data should not be assumed to be medically accurate.

The menu

Tap the  tab icon for useful links. You can use it to return to this page, and view the terms + conditions and privacy policy.

Tap ‘downloaded trails’ to see and manage the trail content stored on your device.

Managing trail data

Need to free up space on your device? You can delete trail data here. If you delete a trail, all data will be removed, including your progress if you’ve completed or partially completed the trail.


Hidden trail points

Hunts are special types of trails where it’s up to you to find the trail points within an area.

Find and scan special QR codes hidden all around to unlock special experiences. 

Scan QR codes to unlock experiences

On the trail, you’ll find special QR code markers. When you’re close, the ‘tap to hunt’ marker will appear, or you can tap the QR button at any time to launch.

Scanning QR codes

Scan the QR code to unlock a fun experience and complete the hunt point.

Get a hint

Can’t find a trail points or just want to get a head-start? You’ll get a limited number of hints to help.

Just tap ‘get a hint’, confirm and you’ll see a quick hint the map as a clue.

Remember to stay safe!

Remember to follow the app safety warnings* at all times. It’s important to stay safe while having fun in augmented reality!

  1. Keep your eyes peeled
    It’s easy to stare at the screen and not pay attention to where you are going. Make sure you know what’s around you when you use the app.
  2. Avoid busy or dangerous areas
    Watch out for hazards like cars and busy roads, anywhere you could trip or fall, and don’t bump into other people.
  3. Stay in public areas
    Only use the app in designated public areas, and never trespass on private property.

*letsARgo, affiliated partners and trail providers accept no responsibility for injury, loss or damages resulting from using the app or trail experiences



letsARgo uses your phone’s in-built GPS and location features. You can calibrate them on your device.

On Android, use Google Maps to calibrate location data.

On iOS, visit your settings, tap ‘privacy’, ‘location services’, ‘system services’ then ‘calibration’ and follow the instructions.

letsARgo asks for permission to use your camera, location and to access files on your device the first time you use each feature in the app.

If you denied permission, or something went wrong, visit the ‘apps’ section in your device settings. Locate letsARgo in the list, and edit ‘permissions’ to make sure camera, location and file storage are allowed for letsARgo.

Finding a plane uses your camera and software on your phone. It looks for flat surfaces to place the model in the ‘real world’. Sometimes, the camera can have issues detecting a reflective, too-smooth or untextured surface. If the light is too dim or too bright, this can cause problems too.

For best results, place the model in a well-lit area on a flat surface with plenty of texture or colour variation

Please ensure your camera lens is free of smudges or debris, as letsARgo uses the camera to find the ground plane.

Make sure you stay close to the location but move slightly to a more open area, making sure the ground is clear and there aren’t any obstacles. If you are still having trouble, close and re-open the app to try again.

letsARGo relies on your device’s camera to activate immersive features, GPS to find your location on a trail and storage to save photos and videos you capture.

letsARgo uses storage on your device to store app data, trail content and photos and videos you have captured.

No extra data is stored about your position, we never access your camera or GPS location except to help deliver trails. All data is completely anonymised and cannot be linked to you.

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