You've found a letsARgo marker!

It’s time to join in the fun! There are lots more markers hidden around for you to hunt for, so grab the FREE letsARgo app on iOS and Android devices.

Got the app? Here's how to get started

1. Open the app and find the trail

2. Download trail content

3. Find and scan hidden markers

4. Meet exciting augmented reality characters!

You won’t be able to stop hunting for hidden markers all around. There all all sorts of trails and hunts to discover, so why not try them all?

Don’t forget to grab snaps and videos and share them with #letsARgo


Some trails are unlocked using special trail codes – look for posters or ask staff for more information. Enter any trail codes you find on the home screen of the app to unlock new trails.

Yes! From the map screen, tap the ‘need a hint?’ button for a speedy preview of where the hidden markers are. Don’t forget that when you’re near an marker your phone will alert you, so keep your volume turned up and your ears open.

You’ll need to use the internet to download trail or hunt content. If you’re running low on data, why not connect to wifi to grab your trails?